Webinar: Strategies to Reach Millennial and Gen Z Homebuyers

Join Kristin Messerli, a leading strategist and keynote speaker on Millennial and Gen Z housing trends, as she discusses the new era of homebuying: strategies to reach millennial and Gen Z homebuyers. 

In a market defined by digital transformation and information overload, generating and retaining business has never been more difficult. In this session, Kristin will present data based on her ongoing research with over 4,000 Millennial and Gen Z consumers and best practices to capture more market share.

According to her research, only 39% of NextGen homebuyers were likely to turn to their local financial institution for financial advice, and yet nearly half said they do not have the advice or support they need to achieve their financial goals. In addition to lacking direction, Millennial and Gen Z consumers reported low confidence in the housing market and housing professionals. While young consumers still express a strong desire to buy a home, many are uncertain where to start and who to turn to. Herein lies a big opportunity for lenders to get a competitive edge in a difficult market by demonstrating a values-driven approach to customer experience and sales.

Actionable takeaways:
Gain an understanding of the psychology behind Millennial and Gen Z housing preferences and purchasing behaviors, based on cutting-edge research with over 4,000 NextGen homebuyers.
Learn actionable steps to build trust with today’s consumers in an era driven by uncertainty and information overload.
Understand how to leverage technology and education to create an empowering customer experience to attract and retain more business.

Kristin Messerli is a leading strategist and keynote speaker on Millennial and Gen Z housing trends. She recently co-founded the nonprofit, FirstHome IQ, with the mission to deliver homeownership education before the age of 25. Kristin has worked with hundreds of lenders, startups, and nonprofits to craft successful go-to-market strategies and build trust with their consumers. Kristin founded and sold the digital marketing agency, Cultural Outreach, and she produced and authored the 2020-2023 NextGen Homebuyer Reports. To access that research and learn more about the nonprofit, visit NextGenHomebuyer.com. 

9/21/2023 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Central Daylight Time
TMBA Online Contact: Kerry Hall Austin 78701

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